by Alexei Laushkin

I can remember on my most recent trip to Assisi spending an afternoon climbing from the valley up to the main basilica. That journey from valley to summit is I think the arduous journey that God’s people are currently on. Climbing upwards toward the heavenly city, seeking to leave and turn from the sort of personal slavery much of the church seems caught up in.

Much like this cross depicted here the character of Christ is formed in us in the midst of trial and tribulation. One of the most fascinating lessons to learn from the life of St. Francis is an utter freedom. Freedom to experience God’s love through the work of the Spirit or from other people anew each day, without planning and expectation. St. Francis truly was present in the world sharing in the world’s sufferings, moved by the inability of God’s people to understand how much they were loved by God, and with a fire in his chest about the renewal of the institutional church. That those tasked with that church would be transformed into agents of reconciliation for the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom Mission Society (KMS) is just starting out as a ministry, but we share in that passionate desire to see God’s people be truly free and transformed into the shape and character of Christ. We are a place of ministry for those called into the realms of justice and the issues that have traditionally broken the body of Christ.

I am just one person, so my contribution to this work is to journey with you (those whom God has called in a special way with this work) and to reflect my own journey and experiences with these great issues by participating in my own way with themes and focuses of the work around Racial Reconciliation, Christian Persecution, and Refugees.

We may decide that one day gathering more regularly will facilitate our common focus and work. Until than here is a wide range of reflections and pieces from the last week. As we wrap up January we continue to look for monthly contributors who feel called to support this work. Please consider becoming a supporter (click here).

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