Kingdom Mission Society works on areas of common concern to Christians. Starting with the impact of an issue at the local level, KMS identifies churches and ministries who may have a particular and ongoing concern.

  • Health and Social Safety Protection Floor: Continuing to watch various changes being proposed to the social safety net. We have previously opposed cost shifts to states and reforms that make it harder for the individual to access care and social support.
  • Immigration and Refugee Policy: Continuing to watch various changes being proposed to immigration and refugee policy. Our approach has been to balance needs for a long-term solution to the immediate proposed discussions.
  • Medically Fragile: Continuing to work with the Brigman family on making sure that the medically fragile can receive at home care within the adult care population in particular. To shore up funding for states so that it is stable and not subject to block grants and other funding limitations.
  • Religious Liberty: Exploring work that touches on religious liberty at the University and College setting. Trying to bring new churches and voices to these discussions on the basis of being able to share ministry without harming neighbors.
  • Criminal Justice: Exploring various sentence reforms and prison conditions at the state and local level.
  • Opioids: Tracking the national discussion around opioids and building a larger faith based response.