Kingdom Mission Society (KMS) is a non-profit ministry dedicated to helping the body of Christ see the work of Christ among each other.

Kingdom Mission Society invites and equips Christians from diverse backgrounds to pursue Christ’s teaching on unity, reconciliation, and peace. Our ministry provides resources and experiences to nurture a more resilient and peaceful church amid perplexing times.

Our work is ecumenical in nature.

Ask Yourself…

  • Are you a Christian grieved by the refugee who has no home?
  • Are you are bothered by the racial tensions and violence in our cities?
  • Are you uncomfortable with a church growing increasingly tribal and exclusive?
  • Are you frustrated by the American church’s shallow connection to the historical and global church?
  • Have you been wounded by Christian disunity?
  • Are you sorrowful over your own sins which have caused division?

Then you are observing the symptoms of a deeper problem.

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Jesus’ Prayer for Unity

On the night He was betrayed, Jesus prayed earnestly for the church to be One—a unified yet diverse body pursuing God’s good purposes for the redemption of the world (John 17). Jesus’ hope was that, through our shared love for God and one another, we would gain a new mind, a new life together and a new mission.

At times we glimpse God’s vision. We see a church where our public and private witness go hand in hand, where all gifts and parts of the body are celebrated and enlisted for our shared mission so that the world—both physical and spiritual—might be more fully reconciled to Christ.

Regretfully, the church has often fallen short of Christ’s prayer. We are blind to the ways our unity is already secured by God.

The Body is Sick

A healthy body is whole, made up of different parts, with different functions. Yet…

  • …when Christians refuse to partner with each other over doctrinal differences, to the detriment of our witness, we are telling Christ’s body, “I don’t need my hand, I don’t need my eye, I don’t need my foot.”
  • …when we reject, condemn or diminish those whom God has redeemed—Arab Christians, refugees fleeing certain death, members of different church traditions, American and ethnic minorities—we divide the body.
  • …when we make war with one another in a quest to recreate every part of the body as a foot or a hand, we fight against the very image of God and His desire that we learn and rejoice in our diversity, while taking advantage of it for His kingdom.

Our disunity impoverishes our witness and blinds us to Christ’s work in the world. God’s work in one church is limited. God’s work across His body is transformative. We have seen that a disunited body can’t speak up for and defend the poor, because it isn’t in relationship with the poor. A disunited body can’t speak up and defend the forthcoming child, because it has lost touch with the joy and wonder of children. A disunited body can’t advocate for God’s true justice, defend the powerless, love the fellow believer, walk in the shoes of a racial or ethnic minority, speak loudly for the persecuted Christian, heal deep wounds across faith traditions or partner for the spread of the Gospel.

Sadly, a body sick for so long can’t imagine what a whole and healthy body looks like.

But there is hope. Through His incarnation, Christ has shown us a better way. We believe Christians can be energized by glimpsing what a unified body of Christ can and must do for the church and the world.

Seeing Christ at Work in Others

Seeing Christ at Work in Others requires new eyes gained through the ministry of reconciliation: reconciling the world to Christ, and reconciling ourselves to Christ and fellow believers.

Our Work in Action

At KMS, we believe a healthy, reconciled body should be spearheading the big challenges of our time. Today, a unified church should care and advocate for the refugee, speak up and support our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ, and work to heal ethnic, racial and theological divides. Christians should help heal the body of old hatreds and misunderstandings through concrete action.(Learn more: What Does Our Work Look Like?)

Kingdom Mission Society does this through two means: our Mission of equipping and encouraging Christians toward Kingdom-oriented action, and our cultivation of a Society of believers who support one another in a common work.

  • Mission: We believe that many people of faith are called to pray, advocate, engage, and reflect on our current priorities: racial reconciliation, Christian persecution, and refugee relief. KMS sparks growth in Christian unity as diverse Christians participate and build relationships through our initiatives and resources. Common work leads to common friendships. As people pray, study, and take action together, and reflect together, new ties and bonds are formed, building up the unity of the body of Christ.
  • Society: We believe some Christians, after engaging in KMS initiatives, will desire deeper relationships and connection to the work. KMS exists to help these individuals gather as a society of believers united in common work. Aided by elements of the monastic traditions that are modernized for the challenges of modern life, two or more believers are paired together to support one another. These believers learn to pray, study, and take action together. KMS provides resources which include prayers, historical context for Christian teaching and witness, and training for how to live into the society and larger gatherings for prayer, worship and fellowship. (Contact KMS for further information and to begin the process of joining a society.)

Our mission and work seem daunting—but we hope in nothing less than Christ’s unifying power to overcome the challenges we face. Our desire is to find a deep sense of joy with a Christian faith lived in its fullness—and we want fellow believers to enjoy that same satisfaction.

Is this My Mission? Should I Join?

Whether you want to be an effective voice for the widow, the youth, the orphan or the refugee, or you want to jumpstart a conversation on race at your church, search for ecumenical collaboration or better cultivate the life of your local congregation, join our movement of committed followers of Christ as we seek to encourage and support each other in common and concrete renewal in the body of Christ and in our world.

KMS adheres to these guiding principles for our ongoing initiatives.

Join KMS: Sign-up for our newsletter and connect onlineWe hope you will find our resources helpful as you seek to engage your church. To support the work of this ministry, please click here to donate by becoming a supporting member. You can contact us by emailing us at or calling (703) 962-1744.