Racial Reconciliation

KMS believes that it is hard to talk about racial reconciliation if you don’t take time to understand the history and reasons for the sin, hurt, and abuse among brothers and sisters across different races.

America has a very particular problem with race.

For many years and in many ways there is a real church divide between more predominantly black churches and more predominantly white ones. There are some hopeful exceptions, but this division remains the norm. You have attempts and works of God to bridge the divide, but in so far as many multi-cultural churches exist and many other works of unity, this is again more the exception than the norm. Our prayer echoes the words of St. Paul when he prays that as Christians we would make room in our hearts for the other.

How You Can Partner

KMS hosts half-day symposiums featuring local speakers to kick off conversations on racial reconciliation. For a sample of a past event, click herePlease contact us if you are interested in hosting this unique event.