Thank you for connecting with Kingdom Mission Society (KMS).  Prayer is a priority for us, both as a means of facilitating communion and creating change.  Please join us as you are able on the first Monday of every month, for a 30 min prayer conference call from 8-8:30pm, around specific topics as they relate to justice, reconciliation and renewal.  To respect your time, we will have a hard stop at 8:30pm.
Here is our prayer liturgy for June: KMS First Monday Prayer June 2017.
Below is the general format for our ‘Call to Prayer,’ which will bring together different prayer styles from across the Church:
1. Welcome & Reading of Scripture Verse
2.  Short, Reflective Silence  
3.  Prayer of Praise
4.  Intercessory Prayer 
5.  Closing Benediction 

Topics for Intercessory Prayer for June 2017:

  • Praise for the ability to bring Alexei Laushkin on full time as Executive Director!
  • Upcoming Prayer for the Persecuted Church Gathering at St. Bernadette’s Catholic Church (Springfield, VA) at 8pm ET on Friday June 16th 2017.  KMS is partnering with the Catholic Diocese of Arlington for this event. 
  • For upcoming travels to Grand Rapids, MI around issues of economics and equity. 
  • For work around Medicaid and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) this summer and Fall. 
  • Civil Dialogue around the 500 year Anniversary of the Reformation. KMS will be partnering with ACT 3 Ministry and a local Catholic Parish for a screening on Capital Hill in October 2017.
  • For peacemaking work in the Christian Church. KMS will be working with local peacemakers around the film the Sultan and the Saint and aim to do three showings and dialogues around this film in the Fall.
  • For the work of KMS on racial reconciliation. For growing metro DC partnerships and for our work around developing an initial film highlighting both the challenges and opportunities for racial diversity in the church.
  • For the Christian church in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yeman, Indonesia, North Korea, China, Turkey, and Nigeria that the Lord would grant grace to those undergoing persecution and relief to those perpetuating violence.
  • For justice and peace within our cities and a bold faith response that could work with and grow with Black Lives Maters.
  • For the growing destabilization in the country of Yemen. 
  • For peace between nations. In particular that the conflict in Syria would not grow worse and that conflict does not break out with North Korea.
  • For the wave of nationalism sweeping the Western World born out of those whose difficulties and struggles have not been addressed by a more globalized world.
  • For the growing opioid crisis in the United States that the Lord would help empower a faith based response and that those addicted to pain-killers would get help and families would be protected.
  • For the recent immigration policies which have left many in fear and exposed unjust areas of our immigration system. Pray for those families who are separated from young children in particular.
  • For the Department of Justice and recent decisions to move away from community policing and rehabilitation work.
  • Other concerns on your heart

Conference Call in number: (641) 715-3680  
Access Code:  780885#

If any of you have a particular burden for prayer, please be in touch.  Please also share this with others who may have a desire to pray with us for justice, reconciliation and renewal.

Deepening a Life of Prayer

How do you make time for God? Many Christians have a great desire to spend time with God, but it never seems to translate to action. Sometimes, we convince ourselves that we lack the time; other times we are simply unsure of where to start or even how to cultivate the desire for a devotional/prayer life.  We catch ourselves saying, “I wish I could start the day with an hour of prayer, but given my commitments that’s not very realistic,” or “I know I want to spend time with God but where do I start?”

Without guidance the whole issue of how to develop a prayer life can become bewildering.

So how does one go from barely reading scripture or praying; to spending a robust amount of time in prayer, reading, or reflection of some sort?

The simple, one word answer: repentance. A devotional life begins with needing to cultivate some desire for it. The surest way to cultivate an honest desire for God is repentance. You might ask, “Repent? For what?”

For everything, more specifically repent for our lack of desire for a devotional life. You may want to choose some phrases to help. Many Christians use the Jesus Prayer. “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.” But other phrases from scripture or like in spirit can be easily used. A few examples:

  • The wages of sin is death.
  • Give an account for your management of the household.
  • Remember from what you have fallen, repent and do the works you did at first.

Cultivating a prayer and devotional life is a bit more akin to being serious about going to the gym or getting into physical shape. At first it’s going to be slow and hard work. You aren’t going to want to develop a prayer life. Instead you’ll find it comforting to go back to old patterns rather quickly. That’s why repentance is crucial. Repentance brings us back to our unwillingness to really cultivate our faith. The process of developing a prayer life will humble you and that sort of humbling is a key ingredient for living a life of faith.

After repentance you need to choose some set course of study or rule (set form for study). This is probably the hardest thing to do, especially in an age that values spontaneity and experience, at some point all of that feeling has to give way to a decision. The good news is that there are a lot of things one could do. There’s the Book of Common Prayer (here‘s an easy to use online version)  which has very set prayers for morning and evening. There’s also a whole host of audio prayer devotions, and scripture readings. Here is an audio devotional from the Jesuit tradition and here is a long listing of options from

Some elements that are worth looking for as you decide where to start. Look for something that has some scripture to work through or think about. Look for something that you will do in repetition. This is a key point. In the beginning your prayer/devotional life can’t really survive off of spontaneity. If you have to start with five minutes a day, twice a day, than that’s what you do. Like weight lifting start at something you can repeat and explore from there. A prayer life is something you cultivate and develop; it doesn’t just happen because you want it to.

You aren’t going to go from nothing to a robust devotional life in a short period of time. Realize that patience will be a key ingredient to cultivating a life of faith. So you are looking for something to build on.

Practice. Not just doing the devotion, but implementing the ideas and truths in scripture in your daily life.  Faith without works is dead. Devotion without practice won’t build up a life of faith. The scriptures have to be infused in your day to day life to strengthen your faith. It’s not enough to think about theology and about prayer and about scripture, integrate them with specific people and specific circumstances and you will find that your understanding of scripture and desire for a devotional life grows.

Faith comes by hearing and doing. A devotional life comes with cultivating a desire for it by living out what we learn.