What is Christian Unity

What is Christian Unity?

Christian unity is that unique grace of the Holy Spirit which brings diverse people groups, ethnicities, geographies, personalities, backgrounds and life stories together in celebration and single-minded devotion to the love and gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrating its life-changing power to a watching world.

Today, growing Christian unity includes at least two main programmatic aspects: 1) race reconciliation and 2) interdenominational/movement dialogue. Unfortunately, evangelicals and Pentecostals are not well-engaged with the concept of Christian unity. In both areas, these groups have struggled to embody theological ideals around building relationships across racial or ecclesial lines, either through initiatives in the life of the church, or outside practical action.

Common expressions of worship, liturgy, and encounter of fellow Christians remind us of the great cost that Christ paid to bring us into one body and while we acknowledge the disunity of the church we strive for everyday expressions for what is already true.