Statement by Alexei Laushkin, Board Member, Kingdom Mission Society

Kingdom Mission Society focuses on both Christian Persecution and Refugees. The two ought not to be pitted against each other. Nothing in the Christian faith calls us to harm and marginalize the vulnerable. Blanket and ill timed actions seem to make us less safe as a country.

We are happy to see some focus on prioritizing Christians undergoing persecution but we believe a better approach is to create a special visa category for those fleeing form non-majority lands. We also believe the church ought to be able to take a more vocal role in recommending certain groups and individuals for consideration under Christian Persecution.

Our steadfast dedication to Christian Persecution does not blind us to how this order unfairly singles out and mixes peaceful and law abiding Muslims with those who would wish us harm. There is very little in the Christian tradition that would commend this executive action. We urge conservative Senators, conservative House Members, and people of good will to speak out and rebuke the administration for this ill timed action.

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