On this Kingdom Encounters podcast, Alexei Laushkin, founder of Kingdom Mission Society interview Pastor Paul Hoffman of Evangelical Friends Church in Newport, Rhode Island about his latest book Reconciling Places: How to Bridge the Chasms in our Communities

During the interview we talk about:

  • Who are the Evangelical Friends in relation to other Christian communities. 
  • How Pastor Paul came to think about conflict across race. 
  • Pastor Paul’s  early encounter around conflict as a child. 
  • The role of trauma in engaging conversations around racial understanding and action. 
  • The role of politics in navigating difference on social media platforms. 
  • The use of racial understanding language in the book and concepts around justice. 
  • The life and influence of Dr. John Perkins. 
  • The politicalization of racial topics in evangelicalism. 
  • Violence and prejudice against Asian Americans. 
  • The spiritual practices to aid the pursuit of the Beloved Community. 

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