Senate Passes Strong Farm Bill

This past week the Senate voted 86-11 to pass a bipartisan Farm Bill which maintained the integrity of the Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP).

Kingdom Mission Society actively followed amendments that might impact the social safety net during the Senate Farm Bill vote. One was offered by Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana #3383 on work-requirements but was defeated 68-30. Find out how your Senator voted on the amendment here and on the entire bill here.

Now that the bill goes to conference KMS urges the negotiators to follow the path charted in the Senate and not do anything which would undermine the integrity of SNAP.

Statement from Alexei Laushkin, Executive Director, Kingdom Mission Society:

In a time of great divisions in our nation, the Senate showed what leaders are still capable of doing, which is coming together to serve the interests of America’s farmers and those families that look for help during their time of need. Conference negotiators should reject the partisan approach of the House, and look to the Senate’s consensus when coming to a final bill.”

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