Today May 18, 2018 the House voted against H.R. 2. This legislation covers a wide range of farm policy, but also the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). We wrote a statement on April 26th 2018 outlining substantial concerns with this proposal.

A combination of freedom caucus members, who support extreme changes to SNAP and moderate conservatives who oppose said changes helped defeat H.R. 2.

Alexei Laushkin, Executive Director, Kingdom Mission Society, Herndon, VA:

“More governance oriented conservatives need to speak out against these ill attempted changes to radically alter the nature of the SNAP program.  Some of the debate throughout the Farm Bill revealed a vision of America where those in need are punished instead of helped. The House Bill and the concepts thereof would lead to SNAP recipients losing benefits in their time of need and take away substantial state flexibilities to administer SNAP.  It’s time for more members to join their colleagues in opposing these ideas.

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