Alexei Laushkin, Executive Director, Kingdom Mission Society

Hate has no place in America. The modern day klan seeks to organize itself by riding a wave of shock-based politics, a kind of politics which has become ever more prominent.

Now that they have had their deadly moment in Charlottesville, the modern klan will seek to recruit sympathizers. Those who are disaffected by any number of issues.

This strategy of trying to ‘normalize’ views have been at the core of fringe movements throughout the world. By sowing seeds of hate and division, the modern klan hopes to usher in a new era of hateful race based policies.

We at Kingdom Mission Society say no. No to this new movement of darkness. No to those who would let the klan carry their political concerns. No to racial motivated acts of violence. No to those who would justify this evil movement in any way, shape, or form.

We appeal to all our fellow Americans, to condemn these racist acts and violent ideology. We call on the media to resist giving this younger generation of klansmen popular coverage. We call on white Christians to organize and expose the dangerous racist attitudes that make movements like this possible especially within the life of any local congregation. When white Christians fail to address race we allow for hate to go unchecked in the body of Christ.

Most significantly we appeal to the Lord to help heal this land of its deep racial sins and resulting disunion. We pray that especially in the body of Christ, we who believe that in Christ there is neither Jew, nor Greek, nor Gentile would live into Kingdom realities in the land of the living.


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