Statement by Alexei Laushkin, Board Member, Kingdom Mission Society:

Kingdom Mission Society condemns the horrendous attack on Ohio State University by a radicalized student. The United States is at war with radical Islamic terrorism and has been for some time. We support reasonable efforts to safeguard our country against those who would harm innocent lives. Terrorism in all forms is a repulsive form of warfare and is particularly degraded for its lack of concern for collateral damage.

While it is important to safeguard the country from undue attack, it would be a significant mistake to ignore the plight of ordinary refugees who are themselves the target of radical Islamic terror. Refugees are not the enemy and care must be taken by the media and faith leaders, especially conservative ones, not to confuse the plight of the suffering with the damnable.

Christian tradition teaches the importance of providing for the well being of all in a given society. As such, attempts to stock fears must be combated. It is time for leaders of the Christian faith to speak clearly on the difference between radical terrorism and ordinary refugees. Any attempts to blindly screen or classify a group of people should be resisted. Restraint and vigilance ought to be the order of the day.

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