Statement by Alexei Laushkin, Board Member, Kingdom Mission Society:

The National Policy Institute and some of their friends in the alt-right movement, represent the fringe of American society. Christians do not believe in the historic segregation of races. In fact Jesus himself is the great unifier, ending hostility between races, cultures, and ethnic groups within himself.

Christians believe that what unites humanity is our brokenness, but in Christ we are called to pursue paths of reconciliation, first within the sin in our own hearts and than the sins of race, especially those that cause us to be unable to see our neighbor.

Views represented by the National Policy Institute may be many things, but they have no common heritage with the witness of the saints or of God’s kingdom. Light exposes darknesses and hatred, and such racial hatred and slander has no place in American culture.

The media should cease to cover fringe views that tend to break apart our common bonds of affection. The size of NPI and others is too small to justify giving their views a wider audience in a way that may draw interest.

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