Christians engaging in public policy discussions at the local, regional, national, or global level want to avoid being overly identified with ideologically motivated politics.

KMS trains and equips faith leaders and their communities on how to use a pastoral voice rooted in local manifestations of a particular injustice. Starting with the local and moving to national and global concerns. KMS offers a variety of workshops, symposiums, and training for leaders who are looking for a historic, rooted approach to public advocacy that is both faithful to democratic principles and clear on the need to engage with others.

These workshops cover:

  • How Christians can engage the public policy process without succumbing to partisanship. 
  • What principles and frames should Christians bring to bear on the policy circumstances they find themselves in.
  • How do Christians offer a clear, distinct, more unified, and inclusive witness while ministering to all people. 
  • What are best practices for staying engaged and informed and when do you decide to weigh in and the best strategies for doing so. 

Please be in touch if you’d be interested in hosting a seminar or one/two day workshop for your clergy association or ministry/non-profit. We offer half-day to 2-day workshops or more personalized sessions. 

Topics offered: economics, social safety net, the unborn and maternity, mental health, immigration & refugees, lewd content and related industries, criminal justice, racial justice, conflict directed at a people group, and more. 

Recent Workshops: