Christian Persecution in an Age of Intolerance




Join us at William Seymour College (Lanham, MD) on Thursday, November 29 for a one day conference: Christian Persecution in an Age of Intolerance: The Family Suffering for Righteousness’ Sake. 

Hear from Christians around the world as we cover the contexts, needs, and challenges of persecuted believers in Nigeria, Mali, Central African Republic, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, India, the Middle East, and North Korea. There will be presentations from Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Mainline, and Evangelical church representatives.
Participants will gain an understanding of the nature and scale of persecution as well as practical steps that congregations can take to respond.

The conference is open to attendees of all backgrounds who are interested in learning from and praying for persecuted Christians. Covered topics will include:

  • Policies and Politics of Persecution
  • War and Extremism
  • Inter-Religious Conflict
  • Social Elements of Persecution
  • Christian Refugees
  • Needs of the Church

Cost includes lunch.