The church has historically been engaged in caring for the medical needs of the poor. In fact, missions to the poor have often been the catalyst for Christian movements across the ages. From St. Francis to John Wesley to the Salvation Army many of the great movements of Christianity have been dedicated to the poor.

This work continues today as expressed by Union Gospel Rescue Missions, clinics that support the sanctity of life, and any number of interventions meant to care for and empower those in need.

An important aspect of that work is the basic social protection floor that helps enable that kind of stability necessary for transformation and support to take place. That floor includes looking at housing, healthcare, food, and the ability to do meaningful and productive work.

One of the critical programs that makes up this social protection floor is Medicaid and another is the Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP). These programs are critical and timely interventions in the lives of many people.

Efforts are underway in the Congress and across multiple states to make the access, eligibility, and quality of these services harder for those who may need it for a period of time.

Kingdom Mission Society (KMS) has been diligent in calling out efforts, especially health care reforms, that would dramatically reduce the quality and size of these programs.

Check out our letters. Here is a letter to the U.S. House and one to the U.S. Senate  where we urged key offices to vote against the motion to proceed. And a public letter signed by Evangelical and Pentecostal leaders. We also took out public ads to express our concerns.

Here’s the profound kingdom story of one pastor who heard the call of God to raise awareness: