Given our priorities on race, unity, justice, and mission, KMS tracks a range of public policy matters at the national and local level, always looking to provide analysis for pastors and lay leaders while informing the public discourse through analysis and by helping pastors and lay leaders cultivate their own voice on issues that impact local civic life. 

Update: February 17 2019

Government Shutdown

A funding deal has been reached though the President has declared an emergency declaration that will test the concepts around Executive Power. Expect court cases to last several months on the legality of border wall funding absent legislation. 

What Else We Are Tracking

We are tracking a bill on Alzheimer’s which will be introduced in the Congress the next few weeks. We are tracking work on the Medically Fragile in the new Congress and on drug pricing. 

State Trends

We have been following an inmate case out of Alabama where the individual sentenced to death was denied access to a clergy person prior to his execution.This is a good op-ed on the situation. 

Also State Tax revenues are way up. Here is a good analysis piece that helps explain why. There are several states where budget battle hinge on tax revenues year to year. 

Weighing In

If one of the issues we are tracking is a concern for you, please do take a minute to contact your member of Congress. Senate here and House here. Hearing from constituents is particularly important for offices and an important part of engaging the public process.


Periodically KMS develops faith-based analysis on contemporary topics. We’ll update this section throughout the year.

If you are interested in developing your voice further please consider costing our citizenship and advocacy seminars sometime in 2019. We walk clergy and faith leaders through best practices in developing relationships and their own unique voice with policy makers.