Given our priorities on race, unity, justice, and mission, KMS tracks a range of public policy matters at the national and local level, always looking to provide analysis for pastors and lay leaders while informing the public discourse through analysis and by helping pastors and lay leaders cultivate their own voice on issues that impact local civic life. 

House of Worship Tax

The tax law passed in 2017 included provisions which would tax certain fringe benefits of non-profit and house of worship employees. A number of churches offer parking benefits to their employees and will now have to pay an additional tax and file. The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) has put together an overview which you can access here.  

Government Shutdown

Negotiations around the Government shutdown are likely to last for some time, unless economic indicators force action on policymakers. C

What Else We Are Tracking

One of our key focuses is mental health. We look for areas in public policy that match the historic witness of Christians plus have significant impact on local communities. We are tracking a bill on Alzheimer’s which we will develop an analysis piece on soon. 

The refugee admittance number. As you might be aware the United State has drastically lowered the ceiling of admitted refugees without our national refugee program. Even with this low ceiling the actual admissions have been even lower. We are tracking this year’s ceiling and looking for ways to help restore and strengthen the national refugee program.