Christians have a rich tradition of engaging in public life and policy discourse, but there is often confusion as to the reason and grounds for their engagement. We call this aspect of the Christian witness, the church’s collective Public Witness.  

KMS believes that the Kingdom of God contains perfect justice and therefore our engagement in contemporary challenges is a reflection of the future date where all cases and challenges will be decided with equity and perfect judgment. Our Public Witness therefore is a reflection of our pastoral concern for the affairs of all people. 

As Christians who can be prone to misjudgment in this age, we tend to look for areas where we can identify harm being done to those who have not instigated or been a primary reason for social conflict. As far as possible KMS seeks to withhold judgment when the actual nature of the problem is less clear.

KMS provides analysis for challenges that hit a particularly Christian moral frame of reference with primary focuses on the poor, the least, the innocent, children, women, religious liberty, and the unborn. By providing analysis our hope is that policy makers and faith leaders might be better informed is to how a policy matter is being played out in real time. 

KMS also provides comprehensive trainings for helping faith based leaders engage with public policy. Learn more by clicking here

Our hope is to be one of many voices trying to make the society that we find ourselves in more just and fair so that humanity in all its rich variety might flourish and be enabled to continue to co-create in a way that impacts their neighbors for the better. 

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