Churches are rightly focused on bringing people to a saving faith. As an aspect of that mission, churches must consider how to be a good neighbor within their communities and engage with questions and topics such as:

  • How to work with non-Christians on common goals
  • How to relate to Christians who are very different
  • How to address a common injustice with non-Christian partners
  • How to handle issues that divide communities
  • Sex trafficking, prison re-entry, chronic underemployment, reducing crime, promoting educational success, creating a safe and inclusive community for people with disabilities, issues in health, right to life, gun control, size of government, and many more

Building Mutual Understanding to Ease Cultural Tension

Becoming a community-minded leader and congregation requires more than a simple desire to do so. KMS offers training, workshops, and personal coaching so that you and your congregation can gain practical experience in working with others across personal difference. Churches and leaders that are oriented towards being community minded open up new possibilities for people to know Christ and for people to gain trust in working with an explicitly Christian presence in their city. Becoming known by your community and stewarding that responsibility well helps churches fulfill their mandates to be salt and light on the earth.