Kingdom Mission Society (KMS), in collaboration with 20 existing faith-based partners from the breadth of the black American Church (historic black Protestants, Pentecostals, and Catholics), partners from churches and institutions committed to addressing racial justice and understanding, and with professional consultation from experts in the field, seeks to produce a 5-part PBS quality project on the History of the Black Church. 

The entire project is expected to last 48 months with an anticipated release date in the Fall of 2020 and distribution to church conferences and key gatherings with screenings and symposiums through Fall 2022. 

The film project will cover:

The Founding Era of the Black Church

The Black Church in the Missionary Movement of the 1820s and 30s

The History of the Black Protestant Church 

The South and West from Slavery to Reconstruction 

Early 20thCentury with a special focus on the Azusa Street Revival 

Mid 20thCentury and Intersection of Music and Spirituality 

The Development and Growth of the Black Roman Catholic Church 

Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Era 

The 1980s and 1990s and Black Culture

Black Lives Matter Movement

The Role of Faith in Justice Movements Today

Themes: Structures of Racism, Hope and Mission, Rich Contribution to Kingdom, The Role of Faith in Justice and Society Today, The leadership role of Women, The Relationship between White and Black Churches in the American context (then and now), Empowerment and Engagement. 

We will update this site regularly for progress on this exciting project.