Graham-Cassidy Is a Bad Deal on Medicaid

Kingdom Mission Society has consistently weighed in on legislation moving in the Congress on healthcare and expressed our deep concerns about proposals that represent significant cuts to Medicaid, both the expansion and traditional program.

In March we issued a letter to the members in the U.S. House. In June and July we took out public ads and organized a public letter from Evangelical and Pentecostal leaders. In July on the eve of the vote urged key offices to vote against the motion to proceed.

Today Senators Graham and Cassidy will announce their plans on healthcare. Their plan is a terrible and dangerous deal on Medicaid.

“I do not understand why members are consistently targeting Medicaid as part of health care reform. Christians have no interest in reducing the debt on the backs of the elderly, the medically fragile, parents, and those who access support in their time of need,” said Alexei Laushkin, Executive Director, Kingdom Mission Society.

This August over 63,000 Christians from across the country agreed that Medicaid should be set aside from the current debate about health care reform, not targeted or undermined.

As a Christian, I support vital programs like Medicaid that reduce poverty in the United States and prevent the working poor, people with disabilities, and single mothers and children from having to choose between their food and health care.  I believe Medicaid should be set aside from the current debate about health care reform, and be improved not targeted or undermined.

We urge members to vote no on Graham-Cassidy and to separate Medicaid from the current health care debate in any future bills.

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